Posted on March 27, 2015 in Announcements.

The Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans recently had their board of directors meeting on 10 February 2015 to get prepared for the 2015 season. As always, we are excited about participating in Fairfax Adult Softball – the largest adult competitive softball league in the country! Please friend our team on FACEBOOK TODAY!

Our board made some changes to the upcoming season as we continue to support veterans and active military getting involved in the community through the great game of softball!

  1. The Tuesday Night Vipers team will not return in the spring. There are a myriad of reasons but as the core group of Vipers continues to age, we seem to have more success playing at a different level. To that end, any Tuesday night Viper interested in competing in the spring is invited to contact Carl S. Ey about playing with the Five-Sided Vipers.
  2. The Five Sided Vipers will return in the spring beginning in the first week of April. That team will play on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Contact Carl S. Ey about getting on that roster. We still have room and look forward to playing at either Wakefield or Beulah or possibly Braddock. Carl is at
  3. The Herndon 40 and Over team will be back and Jimmy Sneed will run that team. They compete on Sundays and play a long season. Please contact Jimmy Sneed if you are interested in playing with that team. Jimmy is at
  4. Our Seniors team is back again this year and we are very excited about the progress. More outstanding players have shown an interest in being part of that roster. The Seniors will begin play in late May/early June. Contact Nolan Rubin or Gino Yanotti to play with this great group of guys. Gino is at and Nolan is a
  5. Our Masters squad will be back to compete in 2015 as well. That team will likely play at Braddock Park starting at the end of May and be coached by Carl S. Ey. Contact Carl with your intentions to play at today. We will likely play Tuesday and Thursday nights out there.
  6. We will compete in the fall leagues as well; more to follow on those schedules as the season moves forward.

Gino Yannotti will have an evite out in the very near future about a batting practice session at an indoor facility. That will be our one get-together before the season for all of the squads mentioned above.

Lastly, we raised $700 at our FoxFire Grill event on 7 February. Please visit FoxFire Grill and thank the owner Terri Fox for her support.

We look forward to another great season. We just finished ordering our new bat packs for the 2015 season – if you didn’t sign up for one, email Carl today. Stay well and get ready for season of Vipers-softball!

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