Fall Ball 2018!

The Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans welcome you to our Fall 2018 campaign. Thanks again for playing. This fall season promises to be exciting and full of great competition. Plus, it seems like we will have just as much rain as we did this past spring and summer.
The Five Sided Vipers, aptly named for their genesis within the Pentagon begin their fall season, on 11 September. Enduring a rained out game on 4 September, this team is similar to the squad that won the Tuesday Night D2 spring season. For seven weeks they will defend their 2018 spring title.
As always, the Seniors will kick off their fall seasons the week of 10 September and 17 September respectively. The Vintage Vipers had a great summer winning their Seniors Division 2 League. They open “fall ball” on 17 September. The Long Fanged Vipers finished summer ball with a winning record and a third place finish this past summer. Their season begins on 10 September for another seven weeks of competition at the Seniors Fall D1 level.
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