The Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans had a very nice 2019 campaign.  Thanks again for play and please consider returning to the teams you were on this past year.  

At this time, the Viper board will consider which teams are playing in which leagues for the 2020 campaign.  Our board meeting in January 2020 will discuss and decide our 2020 schedule.  

One of the new considerations is a team at Valley View in Manassas.  We have some interest, a coach and hopefully the funds. Additionally, our Fall Arlington team did very well and they have a desire to return in Arlington.  This Viper squad began the transition to our new team name – Heroes Athletic Association.  

Our Five-Sided Vipers team, which played in FXA did not fare as well.  They felt as if the FXA league varied quite a bit in regard to competition.  

As always, we will have a least one team in FAS Seniors beginning in May.   

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