Coach of the Virginia Vipers Softball Club

Posted by Northern Virginia Magazine
Editorial / Thursday, April 14th, 2016


Carl Ey. Photo by Aaron Spicer

Carl Ey. Photo by Aaron Spicer

What was the origin of the Viper Softball Club?
I got stationed at the Pentagon in 1997. I was a captain in the Army, and my troops could not afford to play the local league. So we were playing on the bases where it was free. Fast forward to 2011, we had so many teams and so many military persons, spouses of veterans, active duty military and reservists. We went to an attorney in Washington, D.C., and became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

What positions have you played for the club?
I am the chairman for the organization. I pitched for a long time. I was hurt after the war, so I did not play a whole lot. But I played first base [and] pitched.

What draws these players in personally to play every year?
The common denominator amongst many of the players, not all, is military … secondly they want to play because everything is free.



Neighborhood: Fairfax

Accomplishments witnessed for the Vipers Softball Club: In 2014 our team was one of two teams ever elected into the Fairfax Adult Softball Hall of Fame. Our plaque is hanging on the Hall of Fame wall in Braddock Park.

Favorite baseball team: Yankees

Favorite sports movie: Pride of the Yankees

Favorite playing position: First base

Main rival for your team: Bank of America [Since the Vipers Softball club has up to six teams, Bank of America is just one rival they face.]